Affordable Wedding Catering


The main reason why couples choose us for their dream wedding is because we will work with them to make it happen. We know how hard it is sometimes to decide where to get married what kind of decorations to use and all the little things that make us anxious for no good reason. Bring us your wish list and we will work with you to make sure you are happy with every little detail from the food items to the layout of the Reception Area. Because we’re a full-service caterer that’s been in business for more than 15 years, we offer services above all industry standards. Beautiful and affordable weddings have been our specialty from day one. Our experienced wedding coordinators will help you select menus, coordinate colors, design layouts, and plan your perfect day!

Bronze Package – Per Person Cost $35 

Buffet Setup  Dinner: 1 Choice Protein – 1 Choice Pasta, Rice or Mash Potatoes & Veggies – 1 Choice Salad and Bread.  Appetizers: 1 choice cold & 1 choice hot (no seafood).
– Chinaware $4 Per Person ( Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, utensils, napkins), Delivery


Silver Package – Per Person Cost $45

2 protein (meat or chicken)
I pasta or rice and Vegis&mash
3 choices of app hot or cold (no seafood)
2 choices salads 
Fruits platter 
Cake or melody of pastries


Gold Package – Per Person Cost $65

3 protein (meat, fish, chicken, shrimp
1 pasta and veggies and mash
4 choice of hot or cold appetizer Including cheese board or charcuterie platter. 
Fruit platter 
Medley of French pastries or cake. 

Choices of protein
Chicken breast (at list 8 different international recipes)
Filet mignon ( rosemary Demi glaze)
Lamb chopes(with package 2/3 only)
Boneless short rib
Tri-tip steak
Skirt steak.
Prime rib (package 3 only)
Center cut pork chop
Filet tips with mushroom burgundy
Italian style sausage and peppers
Homemade meatballs Choice of fish
Chilean seabass (package3 only)

Lobster tailed are available with the premium packages at an extra charge.
Dearest selection to be determined. 

Servers at charged at $35 hourly, a minimum of 4 hours. That includes set-up and clean-up.

Here are the services we offer:

·        Free Email Consulting: Send us an email explaining your needs and budget and we will email you back an estimate.

·        Flexible pricing to meet any budget and to suit any style

·        Buffets: Full service Italian, Mediterranean and Special order buffet

·        Plated service

·        Servers: an hour depending on size of order and location

·        Venues:  Choose from different Locations throughout Orange County

·        Party equipments: Tables, chairs, heaters, tents, dance floor, wedding items, etc…

·        Backyard Wedding  

·        A full-service caterer that works with your budget

We understand that every wedding is unique and has special budgetary needs. To accommodate our couples in Orange County we can create your individualized wedding packages starting as low as a person. We understand the economic hardships which some couples have to deal with, therefore we do anything in our power to cater your special day within the budget you can afford. We are the most affordable Catering Company in Orange CountyCalifornia. The reason for that is because we keep our overhead low and we trade services with our suppliers.

Your wedding day should be the most celebrated occasion of your life. Whether you’re planning an outdoor party for 200 or a friendly indoor gathering for 40, each detail must reflect the magic of the moment. Just take a look at some of our imagery on this website to get a feel for the type of exceptional weddings we create. We will be with you from day one, in planning and consulting the details for your special day.

Being in business for over 15 years has allowed us to establish long term relationships with the most trusted vendors in Orange County. Our wedding catering coordinators are here to help you choose everything from your venue, food selection, Bar & liquor packages, décor, floral, linens, rentals, entertainment, lighting and more. Venue assortment is the foundation for your wedding because it truly sets the tone of your special day. Wedding venues can be chosen from a casual setting to an extraordinary location with a spectacular view. Having associations with many locations across Orange County gives you many opportunities to choose from. Our wedding coordinators are here to help you find the location that suits your needs, tastes and budget.

After a venue is selected, our wedding catering coordinators can help you choose any additional specifications for your wedding. Cocktail receptions are a great way to start your night. We offer champagne toasts, a variety of wine and beer options along with full and custom bar packages. Surprise your guests with delightful appetizers and hour devours while they congratulate the bride and groom. These offerings can include appetizer stations or served hours devours. When it comes to wedding catering, we can provide buffets and well-designed plated dinners.

Here are some of our specialty options for Wedding Catering in Orange County:

Our Specialty Italian Catered Dishes

  • Rigatoni Blush Rush
  • Traditional Lasagna
  • Heavenly Creamy Pesto
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Baked Ziti with Blush Sauce
  • Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli

Our Specialty Mediterranean Catered Dishes

  • Baghali Polo with Lamb shank
  • Boneless Chicken Kabob Plate
  • Ghormeh Sabzi
  • Fesenjan
  • Koobideh Kabob Plate
  • Filet Mignon Shish Kabob

When it comes to wedding cakes and dessert tables we work with the finest bakeries in Orange County. The wedding cake is a signature moment and we are proud to offer complete custom designed selections to suit your needs. We also offer a wide variety of dessert table options ranging from fresh tropical fruit trays, chocolate fountains, French pastries, home baked cookies and brownies, cupcakes and more.

Our wedding coordinators work with the most reliable rental companies in Orange County giving you access to resources beyond your imagination. Accents such as décor, floral, linens, lighting and china are another wonderful way to set a theme and tone to your wedding. Bands, DJ’s and entertainers are a great way to bring the two families together and liven up the evening. Our wedding catering coordinators are standing by waiting for your call, so don’t hesitate because we offer free wedding consultations.

A Guide to Wedding Wine and Spirits 

The amount of alcohol consumed at a wedding reception varies widely. You know your guests, and you know best how much they are likely to drink. Will they choose liquor or do you think they’ll go for wine and beer? In most weddings, the crowd is multi-generational, and as a result, you’ll probably have a range of preferences. The surest predictor of the amount to purchase is the time of day you’ve chosen for the reception. Much less alcohol will be consumed at a morning reception than at a late afternoon or evening event.

Considering that there will be those in attendance who will not drink alcohol, it’s safe to estimate that the crowd will consume one drink per person per hour, or about five drinks over the course of the evening. Considering that your guests will probably be driving home after the event, it’s in everyone’s interest that the drinking not exceed that one-per-hour rate.

How many drinks does each bottle contain?

Of course this depends on the size of the glasses, but here are a few standards.

  • A bottle of Champagne fills 6 glasses (8 if the flutes are narrow)
  • A bottle of wine fills 5 glasses
  • A 1 liter bottle of liquor makes about 18 drinks

 How many bottles in a case?  A case of wine contains 12 bottles.  A case of beer contains 24 bottles or cans.

Backyard Wedding Receptions in Orange County are growing in popularity. Having a backyard wedding reception can be a way to control costs for your wedding. Our professional staff has the experience to make sure all your guest’s needs are met as well as transforming your backyard into a dream wedding location!
Maybe there is a special home that has special meaning or a location that has a beautiful backyard.  We also have resources for local Orange County estates and mansions who will rent their home for your special event.  With some initial planning it is a great way to save money and also have an amazing wedding reception.

Guidelines for planning your backyard wedding reception in Orange County:

  • Location of the backyard? What is the size of the yard?
  • Will you have the reception and ceremony at the same location?
  • Do you have someone we can coordinate with?
  • Around how many guests do you predict?
  • What time of year will it be?  If it is in the rainy season, does the backyard have a canopy?  Will you need to rent heaters?
  • A tent is not mandatory, but can make your guests feel more comfortable and incase the weather changes everyone will be protected.
  • Is there an area for a dance floor?  Will you need to rent one?
  • Do you want buffet service or sit down service. Is there an area that we can use as a staging area?
  • Is there enough street parking?  Will you need to hire a shuttle service or valet to accommodate parking?  Some cities may require permits.

There are many options on how to hold a backyard wedding reception. Let our experienced staff coordinate with you to make it as smooth as possible.

Image used by permission from Andrew W. Rennie 2009