Affordable Halloween Catering for your Office or Home

Option #1 - Brain & Eyeballs $16.95/P Minimum 25 people

Meatballs and Spaghetti

Caesar Salad

Garlic Bread or French Baguette

Cookies & Brownies

Option #2 - Spider Web $17.95/P Minimum 25 people

Traditional Lasagna

Green Mixed Salad

Garlic Bread or French Baguette

Cookies & Brownies

Halloween Full Service & Drop-Off Office Catering

Halloween is a fun time for everyone. While children fill the streets for trick-or-treating, adults and parents have their own Halloween parties and corporate events. What better way to celebrate this fun holiday than with great Halloween catering. Luckily, Catering Services OC provides delicious Halloween catering to all of Orange County. 

Catering Services OC can provide themed Halloween catering to make your home, office, or venue party a real fun time. We can provide decorations as well. Don’t spend your Halloween party cleaning up the food and straightening up after guests, let us do it. Our professionally trained staff are there to make sure the food is replenished and tables and surfaces are kept clean so you can enjoy without all the hassle. Another fun part of Halloween catering is that there is no certain food that you have to have, it can be anything that you like. Try our delicious Rigatoni Blush, Italian sausage, or our lasagna. Don’t forget the sweets and desserts. Pumpkin pie, candy, cookies, and brownies are great ways to keep your guests smiling at your Halloween catering event.