Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Catering Services

Your company is hosting a banquet. You have been given a vision, you have a budget, and you’re in charge. Now what? Employee banquets are formal dinners or buffets typically held in restaurants, hotels, dance halls, lodges, or open air venues. With a little preparation, you can host an employee banquet that delights the guests, pleases the executive team, and preserves your sanity. Catering Services OC will do just all that for you.

Gathering people together to celebrate an occasion with a banquet requires many considerations, from the location to the food to the entertainment. But, one of the biggest pieces to plan is the decorations. They can instantly set a festive mood for banquet guests and provide a way to put a personal stamp on a basic or previously empty room. Deck the walls of the banquet room with carefully planned decorations to get the party started.

Identify colors or a single color for the banquet theme, which will help guide the rest of the decoration choices. We will work with you to choose the right colors and decorations. Greet guests as they enter the room with banners declaring the banquet’s theme.

Deck out the room with colorful and inexpensive clusters of balloons. Find balloons in bulk at party supply stores and blow up by mouth or pump or have them inflated before the event. Balloons create an instant celebration, and are a fun way to decorate a banquet room. Create a balloon arch, tie a single balloon to each guest’s chair or make centerpieces out of small bunches of tied together balloons. Blow up a bunch of balloons, tie them together with long, curly ribbon and let the balloons float up to the ceiling.¬†Wrap take-home mementos of the banquet in colorful foil paper and tie with the packages with ribbons coordinated to the color of the event. Place each gift in the middle of the large banquet plate at each seat or cluster the gifts together for an eye-catching display. As you can see there are many options we can make use of to make the guests feel as special as possible. So let us make this special day remarkable for you and your guests.