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COVID-19: Pay online & request minimum exposure pickup/delivery. Please write in the comments field if you want us to hand over the package outside (pickup/call when you arrive) or if we should leave it at the door (delivery/rider will ring the doorbell three times).

We had asked to make sure the display looks professional and nice. And they went above and beyond to make that happen for us.

Doctor Bita

They catered several holiday luncheons at my office and they are always fantastic! The prices really can’t be beat and the food is always delicious.

Jessy A

Thank you Affordable Catering OC you guys made our lives so much easier. Everyone loved the dishes and we greatly appreciate the white glove service.

Jon Karlson

Top 4 House Favorites
Mexican, Chinese, Italian
& Mediterranean / Persian

Mexican – #1 Chile Verde

Lean pork cooked in our delicious mild Tomatillo sauce.
Garnished with cilantro and onions.

Mexican – #2 Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Shrimp sauteed in butter with fresh garlic.
Garnished with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, slices of avocado & lime.

Mexican – #3 Pechuga a la Parilla

Chicken breast grilled to perfection with onions and peppers.
Garnished with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo.

Chinese – #1 Mongolian Beef

Tender beef, black mushroom soy, sweet oyster sauce and garlic, wok’d with seared green and white onions.

Chinese – #2 Orange Peel Chicken

Tossed with orange peels, red chili peppers and scallions for a spicy citrus combination.

Chinese – #3 Honey Walnut Shrimp

Lightly battered shrimp and honey glazed walnuts folded in a rich creamy sauce.

Italian – #1 Rigatoni Blush

Chicken sauteed in butter with fresh garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions, tossed in a creamy marinara sauce with pasta.

Italian – #2 Traditional Lasagna (Meat or Veggie)

Five layers of mozzarella, ricotta cheese, parmesan and meat sauce, baked to perfection.

Italian – #3 Shrimp Scampi (White or Pink Sauce)

Lightly sauteed shrimp with tomatoes and creamy white wine sauce.

Take Advantage of our Mediterranean / Persian catering packages!


Mediterranean / Persian #1

– 7 skewers of Boneless Chicken Kabob – Charbroiled breast and leg of chicken (About 35 pieces of chicken) .
– 11 Gyros – Slices of charbroiled lean ground beef (About 44 small slices)
– 17 Juicy charbroiled tomatoes
– Half Pan Cucumber Yogurt
– Full Pan Greek Salad
– Full Pan of fluffy Basmati rice

Mediterranean / Persian #2

Or choose your own 2 stews: Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh Bademjan, Gheimeh Sibzamini, Bademjan or Fesenjon.
– Half Pan Ghormeh Sabzi – Chopped and sautéed parsley, cilantro, leeks; cooked with kidney beans, herbs & stew beef
– Half Pan Gheimeh Bademjan – Fried eggplant and stew beef, cooked with yellow split peas in tomato sauce.
– Half Pan Cucumber Yogurt Dip
– Full Pan Greek Salad
– Full Pan of fluffy Basmati rice

Mediterranean / Persian #3

– 9 skewers of Chicken Shish Kabob – Charbroiled Boneless breast of chicken.
– 9 skewers of Shish Kabob – Charbroiled marinated chunks of Filet mignon.
– 17 Juicy charbroiled tomatoes
– Half Pan Cucumber Yogurt Dip
– Full Pan Greek Salad
– Full Pan of fluffy Basmati rice

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